Edinburgh Art Festival 2017

Beautiful photos, reflections and poems from Kathleen Mansfield after yesterday’s writing tour of the four Patrick Geddes-inspired works commissioned by Edinburgh Art Festival 2017. Members of Words on Canvas and Third Thursday Writers were invited by EAF’s learning and engagement co-ordinater Helena Barrett to respond to the works and their sites, and the sun joined in.

Kathleen Mansfield

Today I had a gloriously sunny morning in Edinburgh writing poetry with a talented bunch from Helen Boden’s Ekphrastic writers’ group. We were escorted by Helena of Edinburgh Art Festival around the current celebration of Patrick Geddes and his contribution to Edinburgh’s built environment.

Here’s what I did:

IMG_20170808_110944917 The Sociology of Autumn by Toby Paterson



Panels of coloured perception.

Interwoven, rigid, metal, gapped,

forced rectangles of education,

politics, gender, race, economics, and more.

The individual weary of conformity.

Autumn: social, cultural patterns

nearing the end?

Remnants of the past.

Our cohesion

gapped and scaffolded

giving way to TV

the internet


Everything has its time.

I liked this installation by Toby Paterson. It reminded me of home – Basildon in Essex: a new town. I grew up with these sociological ideas. Yet the irony of Chessels Court and how time changes ideas to functional practicality is that…

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