Editorial, Reading & Mentoring Services

I offer the following services for individuals:

Editing and reading – including manuscript appraisal, development editing and proof-reading; student essay and dissertation reading.

Tuition and mentoring – from a couple of meetings or conversations to a longer-term programme involving regular submission of work.

If you are looking for an objective, professional assessment of your writing, I provide a customised, client-focused approach to editorial work. We develop a schedule that reflects a client’s needs and is appropriate to the nature of their project. I work on poetry, fiction and non-fiction. My role can involve checking for clarity, flow, structure and readability; considering the fine details and the bigger picture. Feedback by mark-up on electronic or hard copy can be supplemented by written reports, or given in person, by telephone or online.

Mentoring offers a supportive space for you to think about your plans and ambitions as a writer, and the steps you can take towards achieving them. It takes place in a mutually agreeable venue in Edinburgh, where we each buy our own refreshments, or on the phone.

My guideline rates are £45ph, but this varies according to the nature of the project and what the client wants to get from the service – it’s not an exact science. I ask to do an hour’s sample work at this rate to determine how to proceed. Sometimes that’s all that’s required. A flat rate can often be quoted for a full-length typescript, or with novice writers we can proceed in instalments, enabling the client to develop their own editorial and critical skills.

For more information, please contact me.