Yorkshirewoman from
Edinburgh loves language
landscape and leaf tea*

There are more snippets of biography passim in helenboden’s posts, plus some indication of her passions and aversions. By nature she’s a very private person, and it took several years of peer pressure from dedicated blogger friends to get this far. Professionally she has always worked  with the English language and its literatures – with the occasional word in Scots or Gaelic – writing, teaching, editing.

She has poems in literary magazines and anthologies including New Writing ScotlandNorthwords Now, Poetry Scotland, MslexiaButcher’s Dog, Lighthouse, The Eildon Tree, Ink, Sweat and TearsDactyl, the Umbrellas of Edinburgh anthology, and the Valley Press Anthology of Yorkshire Poetry. She also makes place-specific work and collaborates with visual artists.

A freelancer for more than a decade, she specialises in arts education for adults, offering workshops, classes and courses for the public and private sectors, as well as tutoring, mentoring and reading / editorial services for individual clients.

* She has never lived in either Harrogate or Morningside


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Helen, My wife, Debby, and I so appreciated the workshop you led at Stanza 2013 a few weeks ago. Because of your work encouraging creative writing as a contributor to wellbeing, I thought you may enjoy Marilyn Chandler McEntyre’s book Caring for Words in a Culture of Lies. Living in America McEntyre has a comparable vision for the value of creative writing for wellbeing. She often works with people living in extended care facilities for the elderly.
    Thanks again for the stimulating workshop in St Andrews. John Topliff


    • John, thank you for this. Glad you enjoyed the workshop – it was great to meet you and everyone else. I’ll certainly check out the book, and pass on the reference to Lapidus colleagues. I’ve just written a post about my experience of StAnza.


  2. Dear Helen
    Realised today that I’d left MSTC without thanking you for the last 8 weeks of ‘MS my story’.
    It was a wonderful experience, made possible by your guidance. I look forward to the publication of the booklet.
    Margaret Halliday


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